Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Digital advertising...the new way to brand?

Here's a link to an interesting article published in the NY Times today. I find this intriguing because I do believe, like our corporate mongol David W. Kenny, the chairman and chief executive of Digitas, the advertising agency in Boston that was acquired by the Publicis Groupe, that all advertising will be digital and personalized in the coming years.

I like where he's going...or rather where the global economy is headed. Another executive makes the point of reminding us how annoyed we become after seeing the same commercial or ad over and over and wouldn't it be nice to have a series of ads? Not only targeted to me and my tastes but also taking me to a new level each time? Not only allowing me to interact and experience the product or service, but because of that, building an emotional attachment to it too. Building awareness and becoming emotionally involved - the keys to branding anything.

I wonder though, in the case of the phone (a more personal experience than the TV or Internet, although slowly becoming a media outlet like the aforementioned), will digital advertising reach us no matter what phone we use? Will only certain phones have the ability to receive these messages? Will such phones be like the iPhone and ludicrously expensive making it hard for the target markets to obtain the phone and see the personalized messages and ads? What about those of us who abhor any sort of technological interference? Who merely want to call their friends without pop up advertising? Will it get annoying or will there be a way to enable it if we want it?

Lots of questions...

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