Friday, February 05, 2010

The 4 Ps of Marketing

When we devise our tactical marketing plan, we look at the 4 Ps - Product, Place, Price and promotion. I led a workshop this week and presented the following questions to Philadelphia area teaching artists as they begin to think strategically about how they market themselves and their art.

What is your product? What is that you currently offer - tangible and intangible. In my case, I offer a service. I'm a communications consultant.

Where do you sell your product? This is your place. You need to think about the many markets you serve and hope to serve. What makes each one different?

How much will you charge? Are there different price points depending on the kind of service or the place where you sell?

How do you promote your products/services? This includes ads, press, web sites, blogs, Facebook fan pages, events and other partnerships.

I always consider a marketing plan a work in progress - it's something you create and revisit every few months. It's a check point - where you are today with your strategies may be different than where you are in a few months.

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