Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I started to write about this topic back in April, but I was distracted and unable to formulate my thoughts. But thoughts are boomerangs. Here I am on the heels of a meeting with a terrific Brazilian jazz ensemble wondering if I can take my company to another level and provide them with a quality service. It all boils down to being young. How many of us would love to say that? Love to tout being carded every where we go and at 30, be mistaken for a 22 year old. Except this wasn't cool when I was in college (and trying to get into Pitcher's Pub), when I liked a guy a few years older than me (and he continuously teased me for looking like a teen) and it still ruffles my feathers.

It's also why I'm fascinated that it has become a running theme of the last few months and not just personally but across the arts boards, blogs, and papers. There's been a lot of conversations about involving young professionals in the arts.

Ann Daly of Ann Daly Consulting posted her thoughts on recent conversations about involving the youth and young adults in the arts.


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