Sunday, June 03, 2007


I was one way back in the day...6th grade. I could use an entire squad right now.

I am on the heels of a networking conference and overall I had a terrific time, met a lot of new artists and reconnected with many other industry professionals and even have some solid leads. Like trade shows and conferences of days gone by, I am caught up in the excitement of the moment: doing tons of stuff, spewing out my elevator pitch, dressing the part, attending opening and closing receptions...I could go on. If you've been to such events, you know how all consuming it is and how by Day 3 you crash and burn. Day 4 is when you stare at all the work before you and panic.

The panic creeps in ever so slowly and I don't even realize it until I find myself at Cold Stone Creamery on a rainy Sunday night "not dealing." Besides all my follow ups, I am also considering adding some web services to my marketing list. Lots of research, lots of thinking. But I was in a similar mental state some time ago and I return to some enlightening thoughts to pull me out of this temporary road block.

When I panic, stress, worry and essentially feel my self confidence wavering (and Cold Stone Creamery becomes a distraction), I recall a good friend's words: "These moments are part of any job...but compounded when you start a new business..." She continues by reminding me of all my positive traits and characteristics and the magic words that it'll all work out in time.

It's true. We all get overwhelmed. We all need that friend to remind us of who we are, why we make these seemingly crazy decisions to start businesses, to follow dreams, and to tell us it'll all be OK. Let's surround ourselves with cheerleaders. Let's remember those who have guided us in our studies of yesteryear and apply those same strategies.

My head swims with ideas while I drive home with my Cake Batter Lite ice cream. But I remind myself of why I am doing this...remind myself of my high school time management course and to chunk my tasks. I am feeling better (and back in control) already. I've had my down time to momentarily freak out, get my ice cream and not deal. Now it's back to work.

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